Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Adventures of the Non-Flesh-Eater

Julie and I have decided to go entirely vegetarian for an entire month. So far it has been one of the most difficult and tiresome ventures I have ever undertaken, and it's only been two days! We had Tofu in a dish for dinner this evening. It was terrible, and I'm relatively open minded about this kind of thing (well, I'm increasingly open minded about it anyway). I didn't eat too much of it, neither of us were really into it. Later tonight, I had some baked beans with veggie weiners, which actually weren't too bad, so at least i'm not feeling super hungry for meat right now.

I'll keep you updated. But I'm increasingly wondering if this is the way to go, even if I don't end up being a strict vegetarian or vegan. I like meat but I also understand the toll it takes on the environment and the ethical issues of suffering sentient beings. I enjoy meat way too much to give it up for good. But this will be a good indicator if it's an avenue we will want to venture further down in the future.


Marcia Adair said...

Yooooooous can do it. Gooooooo team veggie. I'll be sure to have something yummy for yous on Wednesday.

justthinkaboutit said...

hmm, interesting use of 'sentient'. Maybe dogs DO go to heaven?? I have tried veggie weiners, though, and they're not bad. They make me wish I was fashionable enough to join the vegetarian movement.

I'm sorry I bailed on our last discussion, but truth be told, I had to bail on facebook. A lack of time discipline, I suppose. Things were just getting juicy, too... I'm sure we'll have ample opportunity to discuss.

What are you reading these days? I picked up The God Delusion, but couldn't get started. Maybe my intellect is softening. I am, however, reading The Shaping of Things To Come. More about methodology and philosophy than doctrine, but interesting none-the-less. It certainly makes me a bit more hopeful about The Institution.

If it's easier, we can discuss over email:

or, if you really want to get radical, we can do it up snail-mail style (I've been returning to my roots, and let me tell you, it's liberating). Let me know and I'll email my addy.

Peace to you and Julie.

richard said...

chick peas will be your new friend. Sarah has been doing the veg thing for about 10 months now and has no plans to go back. She even makes a mean 'lentil-loaf'...ya, i know how it sounds.

it's do-able, but it takes some homework.

Camiseta Personalizada said...
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-the.pilgrim- said...

"hmm, interesting use of 'sentient'. "

FYI - to be 'sentient' is to be sensitive or to have senses.

I think you have 'sapient' in mind. To be sapient is to be wise or to have understanding.